StarPheonix Preview Article

Here is the Starpheonix’s preview Article for Dead Air, which opens tonight!

Thump. Crunch. Click. Pop.

Sounds like something freaky is going on at Live Five.

Dr. Frightful Presents: DEAD AIR is all about sound. It’s a live radio play on stage and writer Grahame Kent is kept busy as the sound technician.

“The effects have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” Kent said this week. At first, he used a gun for the sound of a gun but that was just so literal.

“Now we have a seat belt for the gun loading and two pieces of wood for the gunshot — or a balloon. I want the audience to see one thing and hear something different.”

The show evolved from a playwriting class taught by Kenneth Williams whose advice was to write about what you love. Kent loves zombie movies. He wrote a zombie play.

“The first draft was atrocious because the thing that makes zombie movies scary is their numbers, but it’s really hard to do that on stage. I quickly learned the difference between film and theatre in one draft.”

Then Kent’s brother said why don’t you do it as a radio play and Kent thought “why don’t I.” Subsequent drafts improved.

“I gave the actors a better story and made the show funnier.”

DEAD AIR opens Nov. 20 at Live Five

The play launched at the Saskatoon Fringe, then expanded to a handful of fringe fests across the country in 2014.

“I did not expect the response we got. People lined up to see our show in every city. People really liked it, I think, because it’s not conventional. It’s a zombie play but it’s funny. It’s not funny because the zombies are funny, it’s funny because you can see the inner workings of the show,” Kent says.

That includes the lettuce. It makes the crunch of zombies dining.

“The lettuce is the one thing that’s always been in the show. People remember the show because of the lettuce.”

DEAD AIR features Danielle Roy, Jenna Berenbaum, Devin Wesnoski and Grahame Kent. Andrew Taylor directs.

Live Five/Neverending Highway

Dr. Frightful Presents: DEAD AIR by Grahame Kent

Nov. 20 to 22 and 26 to 29 at The Refinery (609 Dufferin Avenue)

Tickets $23.50 (adults), $21 (student, senior)

Box office: 306-653-5191 or online


Dr. Frightful at the Refinery

Hello! Welcome back!

It has been a really long time since the last post so here are the updates:

1) We moved into the Refinery this week for Dr. Frightful Presents: Dead Air!
2) We open on the 20th! For more information visit Live Five


Live Five season 12

Live Five season 12

We have exciting news!

We were selected to take part in Live Five Independent Theatre’s 12th season here in Saskatoon!
We will be performing at the Refinery Arts and Spirit Center from November 19th to 22nd and 26th to 29th.

But what show do you ask? Why our 2014 fringe circuit success story Dr. Frightful Presents: Dead Air 

Want to know more? Keep an eye on our Dr. Frightful Presents: Dead Air  Live Five page!

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Rehearsals are underway!

Hey! Guess what? We are now into rehearsals! This marks week three of our process. Which is pretty exciting. Want to know more about The Clockmaker? Well just click on the link and find out more!

Here are some photos from our design presentation!


Left to Right: Alex Hartshorn (Frieda), Chris Donlevy (Sound Design), Jenna Maren (Set/Props Design)


Left to Right: Miranda Hughes (Costume Design), Will Brooks (Lighting Design) Charlie Peters (Mann)

Do you want a look backstage?

Ever wanted to know what goes into making theatre?

How exactly does the play you see on opening night come to be?

We want to show you!

Neverending Highway and Embrace Theatre are seeking a member of our audience to come behind the scenes and learn about our theatre-making process, and then document it in a series of videos to be posted online. We are giving one audience member unparalleled access to our entire rehearsal process for our upcoming production of The Clockmaker at Live Five.

What you provide:

  1. a sense of curiosity
  2. an investment of time to witness the production as it progresses, to ask questions, and to document your process of discovery
  3. time in the editing suite to create the short videos

What we provide:

  1. Access to each step of our production
  2. A professional consultant to support the video-creation
  3. A camera (or you can use your own)

Timeline and Commitment:

Pre–production work is already underway, but only a few hours in October and November will be needed. We enter rehearsals in December, and then a few hours every week or so will be required (we are taking time off for Christmas, of course!). In January we reach the height of our rehearsal process with tech week January 11-14th, preview January 15th, and opening night January 16th.

To Apply:

Submit a 1-2 minute video of yourself explaining why you should be the one to come backstage. Send it to us by October 28th. We’ll choose our collaborator by November.

For more info, contact us on Facebook or email